Core Exchange: Scientific & administrative skills-building for Vanderbilt Shared Resources


Core Exchange: Scientific & administrative skills-building for Vanderbilt Shared Resources

The Core Exchange provides a forum for Vanderbilt Core and Shared Resource managers, directors, and staff to gather, brainstorm ideas and challenges, share best practices, and engage in professional development.

Events will be announced through the OOR Weekly Update Newsletter and the OOR Twitter page. 

Event information for upcoming and previous events will be posted below.

Our sincere gratitude to the generous sponsors of the 2022 Core Exchange Series:

  • VU SOM Office of the Dean of Basic Sciences
  • VUMC Office of Research


Find detailed information and recordings (when available) for each event below:

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    We invite you to join us for the first Core Exchange event of 2024! The virtual event will be January 17 from Noon – 1pm via MS Teams!

    For this event, we’re honored to welcome Sheenah Mische, PhD, Senior Director, Division of Advanced Research Technologies and Associate Professor of Pathology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Dr. Mische will present “Keeping the Doors Open: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning for Shared Resource Core Facilities.”

    In recent years, research institutions and biomedical facilities have suffered significant losses to research due to severe weather and other disasters.  Dr. Mische will discuss shared resource disaster and business continuity plans as an integral part of the institution's overall plans, plus guidance and tools for developing these plans. She will also share real-life lessons learned in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

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  • Please join us for a very special Core Exchange with Joe Rando, “Leadership, Management and Problem Solving: Unlocking Your Potential With This Trifecta!”

    The event will be held in-person in Light Hall 214 on November 3, Noon – 1pm. Light refreshments provided; BYO lunch encouraged.

    For this Core Exchange, we are delighted to welcome Joe Rando, Associate Professor of The Practice and Director of Undergraduate Study, Business Studies at Vanderbilt University. Beyond his roles at Vanderbilt, Joe has held titles including CEO, Founder, General Manager, Partner, and SVP in a number of startups, high-growth companies, and consulting firms. 

    Joe will present the interactive session “Leadership, Management and Problem Solving:  Unlocking Your Potential With This Trifecta!” Countless books, articles, talks, and courses focus on topics such as “Becoming A Stronger Leader” and “Being A Better Manager” and “Tools for Effective Problem Solving”. In fact, it’s the intersection of all three where the magic really happens! Whether you are in an entry-level position, a chief executive, or somewhere in between, building your toolkit in these three areas will unlock your potential.