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The Office of Research does not provide information about patient appointments, treatment, patient records and billing, or physician referrals.  


For other inquiries, please contact a member of the Office of Research team:

OOR Team

Susan Meyn
Senior Director 
(615) 322-0470

Amy Martinez, Ph.D.​ 
Scientific Program Officer

Katelyn Poole, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager 

Andrea Davis
Program Manager

Jessie Pirtle
Manager, Research Business Services
Administrator, Core Pod 4 

Kevin Cheatham
Administrative Officer, Core Pod 1 

Katisha Moton
Administrative Officer, Core Pod 2

Alisa Escue
Administrative Officer, Core Pod 3

Arieanna Harris
Financial Analyst

Aresha Hilliard
Financial Analyst

Jennifer Canning
Associate Project Manager

Julie Crocco
Senior Administrative Assistant

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