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The Office of Research does not provide information about patient appointments, treatment, patient records and billing, or physician referrals.  


For other inquiries, please contact a member of the Office of Research team:





Susan Meyn
Associate Vice President for Research Resources
Senior Director, Office of Research


 Amy Martinez     

 Amy Martinez, Ph.D.​ 
 Lead Program Officer


Katelyn Poole     

Katelyn Poole, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager

Andrea Holferty

Andrea Holferty
Program Manager

 Jessie Pirtle 

 Jessie Pirtle
 Assistant Director, OOR Research   Finances & Systems  
 Administrator, Core Pod 4 

 Kevin Cheatham         

 Kevin Cheatham
 Assistant Director for OOR Shared   Resources, Centers, and Institutes
 Administrative Officer, Core Pod 1

Laura Headshot

Laura Elgin
Administrative Officer
Vanderbilt Institute of Imaging Science

 Alisa Escue     

 Alisa Escue
 Administrative Officer, Core Pod 3

 Arieanna Harris     

 Arieanna Harris
 Financial Analyst

Aresha Hilliard   

Aresha Hilliard
Financial Analyst

Jennifer Canning

Jennifer Canning
Project Manager

Julie Crocco             

Julie Crocco
Senior Administrative Assistant

Russelle Headshot

Russelle Bradbury
Program Manager, Brock Family Center for Applied Innovation




  • Gordon R. Bernard, M.D.

    Executive Vice President for Research
    Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences
  • David J. Calkins, Ph.D.

    Assistant Vice President for Research
  • Peter J. Embi, M.D.

    Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation
  • Tina Hartert, M.D.

    Vice President for Translational Science
  • Katherine E. Hartmann, M.D., Ph.D.

    Vice President for Research Integration
    Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Scientist Development
  • Jennifer A. Pietenpol, Ph.D.

    Chief Scientific and Strategy Officer
    Executive Vice President for Research


  • Todd W. Rice, M.D.

    Vice President for Clinical Trial Innovation and Operations
  • Russell L. Rothman, M.D.

    Senior Vice President for Population Health Research
  • Wesley H. Self, M.D., M.P.H.

    Senior Vice President for Clinical Research