Anatomical Donation Program

The ultimate donation that an individual can give is the gift of their whole body after death to advance anatomic education and clinical training of medical students, physicians and other medical personnel. Voluntary whole body donations by generous individuals are relied upon as a resource to help physicians and other medical personnel complete their required learning, as they prepare themselves to provide for outstanding care for the living.

Please download a flyer with more detailed information on:

  • Enrolling with our Anatomical Donor Registry at Vanderbilt
  • Procedures at the time of death
  • Services at the time of death
  • What will happen to my body?
  • Making alternative plans
  • Frequently asked questions

Enrollment forms for the Anatomical (Whole Body) Donation Program include:

  • Anatomical (Whole Body) Registration form
  • Medical History form
  • Uniform Donor Registration form

Please download all three forms to enroll. If you are unable to download the file, please contact our office and we will mail a printed copy, or we can email the file for you to print and return.

All forms must be completed, signed, witnessed where designated, and mailed to:

Anatomical Donation Program,
2213 Garland Ave, MRBIV 3450 
Nashville, TN 37232-0432 

OR faxed to (615) 322-8441 

We will send a letter for your files confirming enrollment with our donor registry and a Donor Registration Card for your wallet.

If you have any questions about our whole body donation program, please contact us.

Program Coordinator
Anatomical Donations Program

Phone:  (615) 322-7948
Fax:  (615) 322-8441
Mailing address: 2213 Garland Ave, MRBIV 3450, Nashville, TN 37232