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FedEx Delivery to VUMC

FedEx is changing its delivery process to VUMC offices, labs and areas beginning April 1, 2024. 

NEW March 29, 2024 Update:


March 21, 2024 Update: Note that some details have changed.  See March 29 update for new information.

March 13, 2024: Note that some details have changed.  See March 29 update for new information.


AE Position Management

The Position Approval Request (PAR) process provides the basis for thoughtful FTE growth. The guidelines below provide an overview of the process and instructions on completing the PAR form. The Chief Business Officer (CBO) should carefully review each PAR. Their signature indicates all information is accurate and that there is sufficient space and other resources to accommodate the position. PARs should be submitted to

PAR Guidelines

PAR Form

Research Town Hall #14 | December 7, 2023
 Academic Enterprise Position Management
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General Requirements: Do not submit a PAR Unless you are ready to begin recruitment. Approved PARs are sent to the CBO usually within one week of submission. 

  • Workday position numbers are required and should be obtained before submitting the PAR form. Please review the Workday Training Hub for detailed instructions. Any questions should be directed to your area's administrative leadership or the Workday Help team.
  • If during recruitment, there is a need to post at a different level, a new PAR is required. The new PAR should include a statement in the comments section. Stat that the new PAR is to replace the request approved on __ (date). Reference the previously approved position number.
  • Departments are responsible for ensuring administrative positions that are federally funded are appropriate on the specific grant. Consult with the Finance Post-Award team for guidance.

Labor & Workforce Management Committee Review: All positions funded primarily from hospitals/clinics or institutional funds must go to the Labor & Workforce Management Committee (formally CLC) for approval. This process is automated between the HR & Workday systems. You do not need to take any specific actions to ensure it is presented to the committee before the position is posted. The LWMC meets once per week.

PAR Forms are not required for the following. Review the guidelines for more details and Workday submission instructions.

  • Positions 100% externally funded (gift, grant, or contract). Residual contract funds do not qualify as external funding.
  • Non-faculty VMG Professional Staff with Privileges
  • Student Workers

Workday System & PAR Expectations

  1. When creating position requisitions in Workday, the hiring manager should document the approved PAR in the Workday justification field and reference the funding sources.
  2. Recommended Language:  The AE Position Management Team approved the PAR on ___ (date). This position is funded by the following worktag(s).
  3. The department should retain a copy of the approved PAR as documentation of the approval.

Workday Resources (HR):

HR Town Hall #1 | January 23, 2024
 Create a requisition for a new position.
 Create a requisition using an existing position for backfilling a position.
 Candidate Screening, Hiring, and Onboarding

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Capital Requests & Workday Capital Planning Module

All capital approval requests will originate in Workday Capital Planning. A unique Capital Request ID number is auto-assigned to every request and tied to a Project ID. Academic Enterprise division leaders review & approve requests directly in the Capital Planning Tool. The Capital Request ID is required for a Workday Requisition to be completed.

Capital Equipment: Single item or system that is durable (economic useful life greater than one year) and costs >$5,000 per unit inclusive of purchase, installation & shipping/freight. This includes laptop or desktop purchases with at total quote amount >$5k. Additionally, all freezers (regardless of cost) require an approved Capital Request ID.

Workday Capital Planning SOP

WDPL-201 Capital Planning

Research Town Hall #8 | September 28, 2023
 Capital Planning & Review
 Purchasing: Capital
 Accounting for Capital Purchases on Grants & Gifts


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Faculty Transitions

Faculty transitions occur when a Faculty Member in a research role departs VUMC due to resignation, retirement, death, or termination or discontinues their research program while remaining at VUMC. During this time of transition, communication is critical to ensure compliance with federal regulations, state guidelines, and VUMC policies when closing out projects associated with sponsored research and institutionally-supported research. 

Please utilize the Research Faculty Transition Checklist to ensure the tracking of all outstanding grants, contracts, research projects, intellectual property, biospecimens, laboratory samples, etc. 

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists all members of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center community with the submission of grant proposals for external support of research, creative, instructional, and service activities. OSP supports investigators who have or plan to apply for external funding and departmental administrators who assist these investigators with proposal preparation and award administration.

For more information, go to:

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Office of Contracts Management (OCM)

The Office of Contracts Management (OCM) serves as the central Medical Center office for contract intake, processing, negotiation and management. OCM reviews both research and non-research contracts. Research agreements include bench research, clinical trials, federal contracts and federal subcontracts. Non-research agreements include professional services, educational and affiliation agreements.

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