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VUMC Export Compliance


The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Export Compliance (VUMC EC) office is responsible for assisting VUMC employees with understanding and complying with the various export control laws and regulations as they relate to their work at VUMC.

VUMC is committed to an open teaching and research environment so that ideas can be published and exchanged freely among collaborators.

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VUMC EC Contact Information:
(615) 875--7577

Transactions That May Trigger an Export Control Issue

Export Compliance Review Flow Chart Adobe PDF Icon.png

  • Use this flow chart as general guidance to determine whether or not the research, shipment, export, etc. in question has export control restrictions.

U.S. Export Controls Flow Chart Adobe PDF Icon.png

  • Use this flow chart for a visual aid to assist you in familiarization with the foundation of U.S. Export Controls, regulations, guiding acts, and responsible departments, bureaus, and offices.

U.S. Export Control Law applies to many activities at VUMC beyond research, including some unexpected routine transactions. For example, entering into a contract with certain people or entities listed on denied party lists, or sending money to certain countries, may require a license from the U.S. government. Further examples include the shipping of certain items (such as medical equipment) to foreign destinations, or providing conference binders to a foreign university/person. All these transactions should involve complying with U.S. Export Control Laws. However, research activities both at VUMC and abroad currently present the majority of the export compliance activities for VUMC.

Traveling to or interacting with the "T5/T6": Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Iran or Venezuela?

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Important News!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Considering International Business Travel? Please see VUMC travel guidance as of January 12, 2021, here:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Travel

Finance Policy Change affecting reimbursement for all future International Travel:

As announced in the June 11 release of the MyVUMC Newsletter, the following changes to the Finance Policy, "Travel and Employee Reimbursement" (Policy Number FIN 4.6), will go into effect July 1, 2020:

1. Faculty and staff will be required to book international travel through VUMC travel systems (currently only staff are required to do this);

2. Submission and approval (prior to travel) of the Export Compliance "International Travel Questionnaire" will be required;

3. Reimbursement of travel expenses will be contingent upon compliance with 1-2 above.

You can view the current version of FIN 4.6 in Policy Tech.