VUMC Export Compliance

'Export Controls' are a set of U.S. Federal laws and regulations aimed at restricting the export of certain sensitive goods, technology, related technical data, and/or specific services. Such restrictions can apply to not only outgoing transfers to foreign countries, but also to foreign nationals inside or outside of the United States.

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Export Compliance office is responsible for assisting VUMC employees with understanding and complying with the various export control laws and regulations as they relate to their work at VUMC.

VUMC is committed to an open teaching and research environment so that ideas can be published and exchanged freely among collaborators. However, VUMC recognizes that certain activities may be subject to federal export controls. In support, VUMC remains committed to complying with these U.S. laws and regulations.


University employees: Please visit VEC's website for assistance with University-related export control matters.


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  • Note: Employees of the VUMC Export Compliance office are not members of the Office of Legal Affairs and do not represent the Medical Center in legal matters.


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