FedEx: VUMC-Approved International Carrier

Once you are ready to prepare a shipment to its international destination, first contact VUMC Export Compliance for VUMC requirements. It is then recommended that the exporter contact FedEx, Vanderbilt's only approved international carrier. FedEx requires an airway bill, commercial invoice (as appropriate), and EEI (as appropriate).

If you have any questions relating to opening a FedEx account or other general FAQ, please contact VUMC Disbursement Services, via email at

Additionally, it is important to note that there may be duties and fees associated with a foreign shipment. For licensing considerations, securing the ECCN or USML category from the manufacturer is necessary (it is necessary to get the information in writing for our records). This process can be time consuming and potentially add days or weeks to processing and shipment expectations. In many instances, be prepared for a possible delay. Please schedule and budget accordingly.

If you should receive an invoice from a carrier, please forward it promptly to VUMC Procurement for processing; you must include your contact information along with the center number that should be charged.

  • Contact VUMC EC to ensure the item is not being exported to an entity or individual on the Denied Persons List (DPL).
    • VUMC EC will provide a copy of the search records to you upon request.
    • You should keep these results with the project file for five (5) years past the last date of activity on the project.