Grand Rounds AY22


Date Speaker Title Link to Webpage and Recording 
8/22/2021 Curt LaFrance, MD Neuropsychiatric aspects of Conversion Disorder/Functional Neurological Disorders
9/3/2021 Anthony Grace, PhD Early Life Stress and Susceptibility to Schizophrenia and Depression
9/10/2021 Maria A. Oquendo, MD Therapeutic Approaches to Suicidal Behavior
9/17/2021 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: The Logistics of Clozaril Management  None
9/24/2021 Jeffrey Hine, PhD Integrating ASD Diagnostic Assessment and Care Coordination within Pediatric Primary Care Settings
10/1/2021 Sarah Kopelovich, PhD Re-envisioning psychosis care through the systemic integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
10/8/2021 Psychology Case Conference: Forensics  Incompetent Individuals with Psychosis charged with Misdemeanors - No Place to Go
10/15/2021 Davangere P. Devanand, MD Clinico-pathological correlations and therapeutics of psychopathology in neurodegenerative disorders
10/22/2021 Department retreat    
10/29/2021 Neil Woodward, PhD The Thalamus in Psychosis
11/5/2021 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: Patient Escalation Leading to Arrest  None
11/12/2021 Aaron Brinen, PsyD Developing Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy: Evidence-Based Journey into Recovery
11/19/2021 CAP Psychiatry CC: Yasas Tanguturi, MD Pharmacologic management of acute agitation in children and adolescents
12/10/2021 Danny Winder, PhD A Mouse-to-Human Approach to Understand the Role of the Extended Amygdala in Stress and Alcohol Use Disorder
12/17/2021 Autumn Kujawa, PhD Translating affective neuroscience to intervention: An examination of reward responsiveness in the development and treatment of depression
1/7/2022 Addiction Psychiatry CC: Mariah Smith, MD Novel psychoactive drugs: Synthetics, designer drugs and beyond
1/14/2022 Colm Cunningham, PhD At the interface of delirium and dementia: Using animal models to interrogate the impact of acute systemic inflammation on the brain
1/21/2022 Cheryl King, PhD Adolescent Suicide:  Screening, Risk Assessment and Intervention
1/28/2022 Ellen Leibenluft, MD Childhood irritability and neural mechanisms of frustration
2/4/2022 General Psychiatry CC: Transplant Psychiatry Assessment and Management of Psychiatric Illness in a Patient Undergoing Heart Transplantation
2/11/2022 Rachel Donnelly, PhD Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Interplay of Individual Stressors and State Sociopolitical Contexts
2/18/2022 Jeffrey Strawn, MD Precision Medicine Approaches to the Psychopharmacologic Treatment of Pediatric Anxiety
2/25/2022 Harold Jordan Lecture: Robert M. Sellers, PhD Racism from the Perspectives of an African American Man, Race Scholar, and Chief Diversity Officer
3/11/2022 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: Suicide and the impact on providers None
4/1/2022 Amy Pinkham, PhD Paranoia Across the Continuum from Healthy to Pathological
4/15/2022 Bennett Landman, PhD Data driven interference in diffusion MRI: Deep learning harmonization of quantitative brain biomarkers
4/22/2022 Michelle Lofwall, MD Novel Workforce and Treatments to Help Persons with Opioid Use Disorder Across the Care Continuum
4/29/2022 Eric Nestler, PhD Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Depression
5/6/2022 Mazen Kheirbek, PhD Representing rewarding and aversive experiences in hippocampal circuits
5/13/2022 Geriatric Division Case Conference Subjective Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
5/20/2022 Aaron Alexander-Bloch, MD, PhD Using brain imaging and genetic normative models to investigate developmental psychiatric conditions
5/27/2022 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I None
6/17/2022 Academic Psychiatry Day: Alvin C. Powers, MD Multi-variable equations, dominos (not the pizza), and boats: some thoughts about science and medicine (connections, collaborations, etc.)