Our group consists of full time Vanderbilt psychiatric faculty who specialize in performing mental health evaluations to address specific legal issues. The group was founded by William Bernet, M.D., who is now retired as Professor Emeritus. Drs. Stephen A. Montgomery and Kimberly P. Brown joined the group in 2002. Dr. Bradley Freeman joined the group in 2009. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wood became part of the practice in 2017. Dr. Amanda Bitting joined the group in 2020. Dr. Montgomery is the director of the Vanderbilt Forensic Psychiatry group. The faculty are all board certified in forensics from our respective governing bodies.

The group, individually and collectively, are actively involved in teaching Vanderbilt medical and law students and psychiatric residents about issues related to forensic psychiatry. We have been retained by multiple agencies including both defense and prosecution, plaintiff and defendant, at the local, state, national, and federal levels.

We perform many evaluations, some of which include

Criminal Civil and Administrative Juvenile and Family Court
  1. Competency to stand trial
  2. Competency to waive Miranda rights
  3. Mental state at the time of offense (insanity)
  4. Diminished capacity
  5. Psychiatric mitigation
  6. Psychosexual evaluations
  7. False confessions
  8. Violence risk assessment
  1. Psychiatric Independent Medical Examinations (IME's)
  2. Worker's Compensation
  3. Fitness for Duty
  4. Disability
  5. Conservatorship
  6. Testamentary Capacity
  7. Psychiatric personal injury
  8. Psychiatric Malpractice
  9. Need for treatment evaluations
  1. Transfer proceedings
  2. Child Custody
  3. Parenting time evaluations
  4. Parental fitness evaluations
  5. Rule 35 evaluations
  6. Termination of parental rights
  7. Psychosexual evaluations for juveniles
  8. Need for treatment evaluations


At Vanderbilt, we strive to provide excellence in our services. Thank you for considering us for your needs.

For questions or referrals, please email Allison Kee at our office or call (615) 327-7130.