About Us

The practice of forensic psychiatry exists where the legal and mental health worlds merge. The faculty at Vanderbilt Forensic Psychiatry work as expert witnesses in a variety of cases that range from simple to complex. 

Minds on Trial

Forensic Psychiatry team puts pieces together to provide courts with complete picture

by Kelsey Herbers | illustration by Michael Morgenstern
Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine Fall 2019


We are qualified to work with clients of all ages including children, juveniles, adults, and geriatrics. Some of the areas we deal with involve the following.

  • Criminal cases such as competency to stand trial, mental status at the time of the offense (sanity), mitigation, risk assessment, psychosexual evaluations for both juvenile and adult, malingering evaluations, competency to waive Miranda, and fitness for duty evaluations
  • Civil cases including worker's compensation, independent medical evaluations (IME), medical malpractice, independent case review, parenting time evaluations (custody), parental fitness evaluations, abuse, sexual offenses, and others

We have had the opportunity to work with a number of clients. These include

  • Private individuals
  • Local government
  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations

Our practice is not limited to the state of Tennessee. We are frequently retained in cases located in adjacent states but have also provided services to many other areas in the country.

We strive to provide the highest ethical, unbiased, comprehensive, and evidence based work products and testimony.

Please call us at 615-327-7130 if you have questions about our practice or our ability to assist on a case.