Psychiatry Grand Rounds 10/1 | Sarah Kopelovich, PhD

Kopelovich Grand Rounds

"Re-envisioning psychosis care through the systemic integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"


 October 1 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Sarah Kopelovich, PhD

Speaker Information:

Sarah Kopelovich, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington.  She is the first to hold the Professorship of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp). Dr. Kopelovich serves as co-director of SPIRIT: Supporting Psychosis Innovation through Research, Implementation, and Training and serves as core faculty for the University of Washington Center for Mental Health, Policy, and Law; the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center; and the Washington State Center of Excellence in Early Psychosis. 
She has served as the Principal Investigator on foundation-, state-, and federally-funded projects related implementation of evidence-based treatments for psychosis across behavioral health and forensic settings. Her research leverages innovations in digital health technologies and implementation science to redress the science-to-practice gap for individuals with psychosis and their families.  
 Dr. Kopelovich’s work has informed the 2020 schizophrenia treatment guidelines issued by the American Psychiatric Association. More recently, Dr. Kopelovich was the lead author of SAMHSA’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis implementation guide and a companion position statement issued by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors. 


 Despite decades of research and inclusion in national schizophrenia treatment guidelines, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis (CBTp) is accessible to fewer than 1 percent of Americans with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder. Dr. Kopelovich will describe the rationale for a systemic  approach to implementing CBTp and the public health imperative of doing so. She will then provide an overview of her work adopting, adapting, and innovating implementation and technological strategies to bring the intervention to scale.


 At the conclusion of the activity, the speaker will:

  • Synthesize the empirical support for incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTp) into standard practice

  • Highlight recent policy documents calling for inter- and intra-system integration of CBT for individuals with psychosis

  • Orient learners to recent efforts to bring CBTp to scale in the U.S. by leveraging technology and  implementation science


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September 24 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Sarah Kopelovich


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