American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Systems of Care Special Program Award - 2019

Charles Whitmore MD
Charles Whitmore M.D.


Other awards received by Dr. Whitmore:

Resident Psychiatric Educator Award, Association for Academic Psychiatry Fellowship Award - 2018

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Education Outreach Program – 2018

Marc H. Hollender, M.D. Award:

Presented to the graduating resident considered to be the most outstanding Psychiatrist

2019: Brittany Meyer, M.D.

Previous Winners:

2018: David Conklin, M.D.

2017: Jonathan Smith, M.D.

2016: Maja Skikic, M.D.

2015: Abhinav Saxena, M.D.

2014: Ira Phillips III, M.D.

2013: Jonathan Becker, D.O, M.S.

2012: Nicole Yates, M.D.

2011: Michael Ferri, M.D.

2010: Sachin Patel, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Award:

Recognizes outstanding research conducted by a Resident or Fellow

2019: Reema Dedania, M.D., M.P.H.

Previous Winners:

2018: Shakevia Johnson, M.D., M.S.

2017: Margarita Abi Zeid Daou, M.D.

2016: Ayman Saleh, M.D.

2015: Meghan Riddle, M.D.

2014: Brittany Peters, M.D.

2013: Jo Ellen Wilson, M.D.

American Psychiatric Association Resident Recognition Award: 

Awarded to residents who demonstrated compassion, leadership, community service, political action, and clinical excellence

2019: Kathryn Shemwell, M.D.

Previous Winners:

2018: Nona Lu, M.D.

2017: Jose Arriola Vigo, M.D., M.P.H.

2016: Thomas Jordan, M.D., M.P.H.

2015: Meghan Riddle, M.D.

​PGY2 Resident of the Year Award:

2017: Jessica Merritt, M.D.

2016: Shakevia Johnson, M.D., M.S.

2015: Jonathan Smith, M.D.

2014: Thomas Jordan, M.D., M.P.H.

2013: Brian Fuller, M.D.

2012: Ira Phillips III, M.D.

​PGY1 Resident of the Year Award:

2017: Daniel Nygren, M.D.

2016: Brittany Meyer, M.D.

2015: David Conklin, M.D.

2014: Anne Dunbar, M.D.

2013: Maja Skikic, M.D.

2012: Meghan Riddle, M.D.

APA Public Psychiatry Fellowship - 2017

Awarded to 10 residents nationally who exhibit a strong interest in working with underserved populations.  Fellowship recipients will serve a 2-year term, attend workshops/meetings at the Institute of Psychiatric Services, and have an opportunity to serve within APA Leadership. 


Jessica Merritt, M.D.


David Satcher Public Health Scholars Program - 2017

Awarded to MPH candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. This program provides the opportunity for these students to participate in research at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine. Scholars serve as student representatives on the Vanderbilt MPH Programs Diversity Committee. 


Arriola Vigo-Border.jpg
Jose Arriola Vigo, M.D., M.P.H.

Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Trainee Travel Award - 2017

Awarded to 15 fellows, residents, and medical students across the country who exhibit leadership potential in psychosomatic medicine. Recipients will attend the annual meeting and present a selected abstract.


Dedania-Border.jpg Jackson-Border.jpg
Reema Dedania, M.D., M.P.H.

Anna Jackson, M.D.


Previous Winners:


Jose Arriola Vigo, M.D., M.P.H.

Laura Poellet, M.D., J.D.

Jonathan Smith, M.D.

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Resident Travel Scholarship - 2018

Awarded to residents interested in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders to attend the annual American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry meeting.


Benjamin Weger, M.D.                    


Previous Winners:


Nona Lu, M.D.

Madison Johnson, M.D.


Shakevia Johnson, M.D., M.S.

Ramzi Mardam Bey, M.D., M.Sc.


​NIMH Outstanding Resident Award Program - 2017

The NIMH Outstanding Resident Award Program (ORAP) was introduced to the psychiatry residency training community in 1988 to recognize residents with outstanding research and academic potential who are currently at the PGY-II level. Now in its 29th year, ORAP, which is sponsored by the NIMH Intramural Research Program (IRP), requests that residency program directors nominate ONE Resident from their program for consideration.


Rosas-Vidal Border.jpg

Luis Rosas-Vidal, M.D., P.hD.

Previous Winners:

Shakevia Johnson, M.D., M.S.

American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Clinical Workshop Fellowship - 2018

Awarded based on superior academic performance and potential for development as an investigator in clinical psychopharmacology.


Manesh-border.jpg Stephenson-border.jpg Rosas-Vidal Border.jpg Jackson-Border_0.jpg
Manesh Gopaldas, M.D. Elise Stephenson, M.D. Luis Rosas-Vidal, M.D., P.hD. Anna Jackson, M.D.


Previous Winners:


Ramzi Mardam Bey, M.D., M.Sc.

Jose Arriola Vigo, M.D.


Margarita Abi Zeid Daou, M.D.

Shakevia Johnson, M.D., M.S.

Ayman Saleh, M.D.

AADPRT George Ginsberg Fellowship Award - 2018

Awarded to 5 psychiatry residents/fellows nationally for excellence in education and teaching who are pursuing careers as clinician-educators and/or academic administrators.  Awardees attend the AADPRT annual meeting and are provided with opportunities to continue to develop their interest in training and education.



David Conklin, M.D.


Previous Winners:

2016: Maja Skikic, M.D.

American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders Travel Grant - 2016

Awarded to residents interested in ADHD research to attend the annual meeting and obtain mentorship from leaders in the field.



Nataly Sumarriva, M.D.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Honors Scholar Program - 2018

Awarded to residents interested in pursuing a career in geriatric psychiatry.  Residents will attend the Annual Association for Geriatric Psychiatry meeting, have the opportunity to receive mentorship throughout the year by experts in the field, and complete a scholarly project.



Eveleigh Wagner, M.D.

Previous Winners (Geriatric Mental Health Foundation Honors Scholar Program):

2016: Anne Dunbar Johnson, M.D.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Educational Outreach Program for General Residents - 2015

Awarded to general psychiatry residents interested in child and adolescent psychiatry to allow them to receive a formal overview to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, establish child and adolescent psychiatrists as mentors and experience the AACAP Annual Meeting.



Nataly Sumarriva, M.D.

ABC Journalism Internship - 2015

The 4-week medical resident rotation at the ABC News Medical Unit in NYC provides a unique opportunity for current residents to gain exposure to and acquire basic competencies in medical journalism.  The Medical Unit at ABC News vets and provides medical content across platforms, including Good Morning America, World News with Diane Sawyer, Nightline, local affiliates, radio, and


Abi Zeid Daou-border.jpg Sorenson-Border.jpg
Margarita Abi Zeid Daou, M.D. Jamie Sorenson, M.D.

Vanderbilt AOA Chapter Housestaff Award - 2015

One of  three Housestaff per year selected based on honorable conduct, morality, virtue, unselfishness, ethical ideals, dedication to serving others, and leadership.


Maja Skikic, M.D.

Association for Academic Psychiatry Fellowship Award - 2015

Awarded to residents who demonstrate particular promise as educators and scholars


Maja Skikic, M.D.



Society of Biological Psychiatry Chairman's Choice Award - 2015

Awarded to promising junior investigators in the field of biological psychiatry



Max Schiff, M.D., Ph.D.