Psychiatry Grand Rounds 12/10 | Danny G. Winder, PhD

"A Mouse-to-Human Approach to Understand the Role of the Extended Amygdala in Stress and Alcohol Use Disorder"

December 10 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Danny G. Winder, PhD


Key Points: 1) An insula-bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST) circuit in the brain is associated with anxiety/depression during alcohol abstinence. 2) The endocannabinoid system is a potential therapeutic target in AUD. 3) Animal model studies suggest that attention to therapeutic windows may be of importance in future AUD therapeutic approaches.


The activity is designed to help the learner:

  1. Develop an understanding of potential roles of the insula and BNST in alcohol abstinence relevant behaviors.

  2. Develop an understanding of the potential value for timing-dependent interventions as an avenue in AUD treatment.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Winder received his B.S. from North Georgia College, and his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Emory University in 1995. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship with Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, M.D., at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, he joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 1999 as assistant professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics. He was promoted to full professor in 2010. A neuroscientist focused on stress and addiction, Dr. Winder has been particularly interested in determining mechanisms that modulate synaptic plasticity, and how and when these processes are disrupted by stress and during Alcohol/Substance Use Disorder. To accomplish these goals, he and his colleagues have pioneered the use of whole cell patch clamp and extracellular recordings in ex vivo brain slice preparations containing key stress circuits. In 2013, Dr. Winder received a NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Award and in 2016 a MERIT Award from NIAAA. In 2017, he was
awarded the F. Peter Guengerich award in the School of Medicine for postdoctoral mentoring, as well as the Bixler-Johnson-Mayes Endowed Chair. He is founding director of the Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research, which was established in 2016 to define events that drive addictive behavior and develop new treatments to sustain recovery. At the national level, he has served as an associate editor of The Journal of Neuroscience, section editor of Neuropharmacology and on the editorial board of Molecular Pharmacology.


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December 10 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Danny G. Winder, PhD

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