Barbara Gay Lecture in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 1/28 | Ellen Leibenluft, MD

Barbara Gay Lecture AY 22

"Childhood irritability and neural mechanisms of frustration"

 January 28 Barbara Gay Lecture in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Ellen Leibenluft, MD


This presentation will focus on irritability, which is common and impairing in youth.  Longitudinal associations of irritability will be discussed. One mechanism of irritability is maladaptive responses to frustration, defined as emotional and behavioral responses to blocked goal attainment.  Recent data regarding brain responses to frustration and their associations with irritability will be presented. 

About the Speaker

Ellen Leibenluft, M.D. is Senior Investigator and Chief of the Section on Mood Dysregulation and Neuroscience at Intramural Research Program, National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Leibenluft’s research involves the use of cognitive neuroscience techniques and neuroimaging modalities, including functional MRI, to elucidate brain mechanisms mediating severe irritability in youth and to use that knowledge to suggest novel treatment interventions. Dr. Leibenluft completed her B.A. from Yale University summa cum laude, her M.D. from Stanford University, and psychiatric residency at Georgetown University.  She has authored more than 300 publications and served as Reviews Editor for Biological Psychiatry, Deputy Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and editorial board member of the American Journal of Psychiatry. She is Co-Chair of the American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 Steering Committee.  Her honors include election to the National Academy of Medicine, the NIMH Director’s Merit Award, and the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Julius Axelrod Mentoring Award. 


The activity is designed to help learners:

  1. Discuss longitudinal associations of anxiety, unipolar depression, and suicidality with childhood irritability.

  2. Link data regarding maladaptive neural responses to frustration with irritability

  3. Identify potential implications of these data for treatment

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January 28 Barbara Gay Lecture in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Ellen Leibenluft, MD


Grand Rounds Enrichment Discussion

For a deeper understanding of the topic ahead of Dr. Leibenluft's talk, please join Dr. Meg Benningfield on Wednesday January 26 on Zoom as she delves a little deeper into the subject matter. Background article for discussion for this week can be found here:


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