General Psychiatry Clinical Services

All clinical services in the General Psychiatry Division are part of Vanderbilt Behavioral Health (VBH), which is the Patient Care Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center focused on psychiatric diagnoses.  The services are expanding rapidly as our regional population has grown.  We service our acutely ill psychiatric population with 78 adult inpatient beds, a highly-active and energetic Consultation-Liaison service to Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital, and an innovative Neuromodulation service.  Our inpatient services subsume the Psychiatric Assessment Service, our Admissions area, as well as our hospital-based Partial Hospital Program and Intensive Outpatient Programs.  

Our outpatient services accept referrals from our VUMC Primary Care providers, and include both a longitudinal clinic for Adult Psychiatry and some specialty services within Adult Psychiatry, as well as an active clinic for Consultation-Liaison.  All services offer the option of telehealth and in-person visits.  

The services are directed by Chief Medical Officer Nathaniel Clark, MD.

General Psychiatry Inpatient Service

Medical Director: Melissa Hall, MD

General Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service

Medical Director: John Smith, MD

Emergency Psychiatry Service

Director: John Smith, MD

Neuromodulation Service

Director: Joshua Smith, MD

Transplant Psychiatry Service

Director: Lesley Omary, MD

Women's Mental Health Service

Director: Michael Caucci, MD

Ambulatory Psychiatry

Director: Cheryl Cobb, MD