Current Residents

PGY 7/ Neuro Endovascular Fellow

  • Steven Roth

    (PGY 7) Undergraduate - University of Maryland, Baltimore
    Medical School-Albany Medical College

Chief Residents

  • Michael Feldman

    (PGY 7) Undergraduate- University of Rochester, 2011
    Medical School-University of Rochester, 2011
  • David Voce

    (PGY 7) Undergraduate- UCLA
    Medical School-Pritzker School of Medicine, Howard Huges Institute

Sixth Year Residents (PGY 6)

  • Silky Chotai

    (PGY 6) Medical College Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao University
    Fellowships-Ohio State & Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Danika Paulo

    (PGY 6) Undergraduate- Boston College 2012
    Medical School-Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Fifth Year Residents (PGY 5)

  • Amaan Ali

    (PGY 5) Undergraduate-University of Southern California 2013
    Medical School-University of California, San Diego
  • Rob Dambrino

    (PGY 5) Undergraduate-Mississippi State University
    Medical School-University of Mississippi School of Medicine
  • Naveed Kamal

    (PGY 5) Undergraduate-Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    Medical School-New Jersey Medical School

Fourth Year Residents (PGY 4)

  • Campbell Liles

    (PGY 4) Undergraduate-Oklahoma State University
    Medical School-Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Ni Mummareddy

    (PGY 4) Undergraduate-Vanderbilt University
    Medical School-Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Third Year Residents (PGY 3)

  • Soren Jonzzon

    (PGY 3) Undergraduate-Quinnipiac University
    Medical School-San Francisco School of Medicine
  • Michael Longo

    (PGY 3) Undergraduate-Johns Hopkins University
    Medical School-Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Iyan Younus

    (PGY 3) Undergraduate-Texas A&M University
    Medical School-Weill Cornell Medical College

Second Year Residents (PGY 2)

  • Ranbir Ahluwalia

    (PGY2) Undergraduate - Emory University Medical School - Florida State University
    Medical School - Florida State University
  • Meredith Monsour

    (PGY2) Undergraduate - University of Pittsburgh
    Medical School - Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Tyler Zeoli

    (PGY 2) Undergraduate - The College of the Holy Cross
    Medical School - Tulane University School of Medicine

First Year Residents (PGY 1)

  • Keyan Peterson

    (PGY 1) Undergraduate - University of North Carolina
    Medical School - Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Kwadwo Sarpong

    (PGY 1) Undergraduate - Emory University
    Medical School - Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Lohit Velagapudi

    (PGY 1) Undergraduate - Pennsylvania State University
    Medical School - Sidney Kimmel Medical College