Patient Care

Vanderbilt Neurosurgeons care for adult and pediatric patients

Vanderbilt Clinical Neurosciences in Nashville, Tennessee, is a leader in treating brain, spine and nervous system disorders. Collaboration is key in caring for such complex issues. Vanderbilt neurosurgeons, neurologists and other experts team up to care for you. We offer a wide range of expert care backed by experience and research.

Our teams treat all neurological conditions including brain tumors; epilepsy; headaches; Parkinsons, essential tremor and other movement disorders; stroke, and muscular sclerosis, among others. Our adult and pediatric patients benefit from a team approach where a group of experts collaborates to create a personalized care plan.

Adult treatment and services

Pediatric treatment and services

Our pediatric team coordinates care with the wide range of experts in child health and family support services located right here at Children's Hospital. We believe this family-centered approach leads to less stress and better outcomes.
We treat patients for neurological conditions including Brain tumors, Epilepsy and Craniofacial anomalies. Click Here for a comprehensive list.