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Our current research work includes measuring neurosurgical capacity, burden of neurosurgical conditions, and identifying gaps in neurosurgical care delivery.



Research Projects

International Neuro-Oncology Consortium Project
Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors are the number one cause of death in children. The burden of CNS tumors has been estimated to be nearly four times greater in low middle income countries (LMIC). However, the true burden of these tumors and scope of resources for management of these tumors is not well-reported.

Through this project led by Dr Michael Dewan and Dr Silky Chotai, the team aims to collect and analyze hospital-level burden and capacity-oriented data from pediatric neurosurgical oncology centers in Sub-Saharan Africa. With that aim we plan to conduct a cross sectional epidemiological survey study to determine the incidence, diagnosis, management and follow-up paradigm for pediatric brain and spine tumors.


Co-Investigators at Collaborating Sites:

Ethiopia - Dr Addisalem Belete, Zewditu Hospital/ Black Lion Hospital

Ghana - Dr Frank Nketiah-Boakye, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Kenya - Dr Will Copeland, Tenwek Hospital

Nigeria - Dr Hassan Isma’il, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital /Bayero University Kano
              Dr Misbahu Haruna Ahmad,  Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital /Bayero University Kano

South Africa - Dr Jason Labuschagne, Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

Tanzania - Dr Hamisi Shabani, Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute

Zambia - Dr Kachinga Sichizya, University Teaching Hospital

Neuro-oncology Research and Care in East Africa

This study aims to review existing literature on the distribution of primary CNS tumors and neuro-oncologic care, and the contribution of scientists and institutions to neuro-oncologic research across 18 East African countries over the last 5 decades. This is led by Dr Joseline Haizel-Cobbina and Jeffrey W Chen.

Disseminated Pediatric Low Grade Glioma

This systematic review aims to identify the pattern of genetic alterations found in cases of disseminated PLGGs, therapy received by patients and treatment outcomes published in literature. This is led by Dr Joseline Haizel-Cobbina and Rut Thakkar.



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