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VUMC OOR Guidelines for Core Operations

The VUMC Office of Research has developed guidelines for core operations, intended to provide shared resource and core facility leaders with crucial policy and regulatory information.  All shared resources and core facilities should adhere to these guidelines to ensure operations are in compliance with both federal and Vanderbilt policies.  The VUMC Office of Research is available to provide business planning, policy guidance and invoicing support services to all shared resources/core facilities.   

VUMC Guidelines for Research Shared Resources and Core Facilities (VUNet ID and password required)

VUMC Scholarship Redemption Guidelines (VUNet ID and password required)

Other Policies and Guidelines

Click the following links to download other policy documents. If you have questions or need additional information,  please contact Susan Meyn in the Office of Research.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Service Center policy
Federal Assistance Reform 2 C.F.R 200: Uniform Guidance
FAQs for Costing of NIH-Funded Core Facilities


Core Business Processes & Procedures

  • Annual Rate Approval & Implementation Schedule

    Cores may implement new rates as early as July 1 of each year. All rates must be approved by September 30 of each year with an effective date no later than November 1. Any non-compliant cores may be asked to cease operations, and the iLab site may be disabled until approved rates are on file. Core rate workbooks should be submitted to the Office of Research the first week of June to allow time to review and approve the proposed rates in time for the June 30th deadline.


    Rate Calculation Guidelines:

    • Rate Calculation Methodology:  All rate documents should show the calculated full cost of the services and the calculated billable rate. The full cost should include any grant or institutional funding that offsets the cost of each core service.  The calculated billable rate should reflect only the direct expenses paid by the core’s recharge center.  

    • Rate Change Communication: As core rates change, users should be notified via email. Internal users should have access to view core rates. All pricing in iLab can be set to ‘visible’ to allow users to view current rates. Contact to review or adjust your iLab site settings.

    • Federal Salary Cap: Any salary amounts over the cap cannot be budgeted to a core recharge center. Core Leaders should consult with the Office of Research on appropriate ways to manage salary over the cap and core cost centers.

    • Fringe Rates: Only the federal fringe rate can be recovered in core rates.

    General Template: Service Fee Workbook

  • Reporting tools are available in BI Launch Pad to facilitate financial and administrative oversight of the shared resources and core facilities. 

    Cores Ledger Summary and Review Report

    • This report provides a YTD snapshot of the core's performance, such as the current cash balance, expenses and revenue metrics, and the accounts receivable balance.

    • BI Launch Pad >> General Ledger Category >> Variance & Trend Analysis >> Cores Ledger Summary and Review

    GL Center Trend Cores Report

    • This report provides expense and revenue totals on a per-month basis for a given fiscal year. Transactional activity is displayed by account and account groupings.

    • BI Launch Pad >> General Ledger Category >> Variance & Trend Analysis >> GL Center Trend Cores Report

    Monthly Invoicing and Revenue Report

    • This report is useful in managing a core's external business. Users should use the input controls to drill down to the 13155 account code.  All booked invoices and payments received can be reviewed using this report.

    • BI Launch Pad >> General Ledger Category >> Transactional >> Monthly Invoicing and Revenue by Division

  • Reporting tools are available in Workday to facilitate financial and administrative oversight of the shared resources and core facilities. 

    Details coming soon

  • The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Guidelines for Research Core Operations should be reviewed carefully before planning a new core operation.

    All requests to open new cores must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Research.  Following approval, a new cost center number will be assigned by the Department of Finance, and the core can begin billing in the VUMC iLab System.

    New Core Planning Workbook

    New Core Creation requires approval by:

    1. Either the center director or chair of the department of the core's home department
    2. PI of the grant program (in cases of shared resources associated with specific sponsored projects)
    3. Office of Research

    New Core Requests should include the following:

    1. Service Fee Workbook outlining the annual budget, usage, customer list, and general core information.
    2. Core Center (304) Create Form 

    New Core Requests may also need to submit:

    1. Capital Equipment Inventory
    2. Depreciation Summary

    ​​Contact Susan Meyn in the VUMC Office of Research for assistance in developing a business plan and setting service fees for VUMC cores.