Psych 5645 - ACE: Adult Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Wilson.jpg Amanda Wilson, MD
Course Director
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Medical Director, Admissions Department Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital
Director, Emergency Psychiatry Services

  Shana Scanlin
Educational Coordinator
OFFERED: July - October, February, April - May
COURSE OBJECTIVES: The adult consultation team provides psychiatric services for a broad range of patients with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders in the context of medical, surgical, and obstetric (and other) inpatient and outpatient settings at Vanderbilt Hospital, Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital, and One Hundred Oaks Medical Center. Commonly treated conditions include delirium, dementia, depression, suicide attempts, capacity evaluations, agitation management, altered mental status, conversion disorder, addictions, and somatoform disorders. The sub-intern will become an integral part of the team, with assigned primary focus on the care of a discrete set of patients, and will be directly supervised by fellows and attendings. A practical focus on areas of special interest to the student may be arranged. 
PRE-REQUISITES: Psychiatry 5020
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