Grand Rounds AY23

Date Speaker Title Link to Webpage and Recording  Marketing pdf
8/26/2022 Donald Pierce, MD; Melissa Cyperski, PhD; Danielle McDonough, LCSW   Child Psychiatry Access: Providing a Bridge to Mental Health Care CAP CC
9/2/2022 John “Jack” Rozel, MD Strange Bedfellows: Building Relationships between Psychiatric Emergency / Crisis Services and Law Enforcement Rozel
9/9/2022 Psychiatry MM&I Patient presenting with passive suicidal ideation in PAS None MM&I 9/9
9/16/2022 Donald Goff, MD Luton Lecture: New pharmacologic approaches to early psychosis: Taking aim at the hippocampus Goff
9/23/2022 Eliza Friedman, M.S.; Carleigh Frazier, MPH Seeds of Equity Seeds of Equity
10/7/2022 Alexandra Moussa-Tooks, PhD; Aaron Brinen, PsyD; Julia Sheffield, PhD Psychosocial intervention for psychosis: conceptualizing culture in the treatment of persecutory delusions Psychology CC
10/21/2022 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: Methadone mishap from ER to VPH None MM&I October
10/28/2022 Guido Frank Barbara Gay Lecture: Toward a Transdiagnostic Neurobiology of Eating Disorders Frank
11/4/2022 Eric Lenze, MD Hollender Lecture: Turning the tide on depression in older adults: new evidence for optimal management of treatment-resistant depression Lenze
11/18/2022 Antonia Kaczkurkin, PhD A dimensional and hierarchical approach to understanding psychopathology, environmental stress, and brain development in youth Kaczkurkin
1/6/2023 David Marcovitz, MD; Julian Raffoul, MD Outcome Measures in Addiction Psychiatry Addiction CC
1/20/2023 Carissa Cascio, PhD Windows into Autism Through Brain, Face, and Heart Cascio
1/27/2023 Dominique P. Béhague, PhD Taking “social factors” into account in the mental health clinic: lessons from Brazil Behague
2/3/2023 Liz Shultz, DO; Heather Ward, MD; Sarah Bick, MD; Tim Adegoke, MD Interventions for Treatment-Refractory Depression When Pharmacotherapy Hasn't Worked General CC
2/17/2023 Allison Lin, MD Optimizing Telehealth for Addiction Care: COVID-19 and Beyond Lin
3/3/2023 Julia Sheffield, PhD Understanding Delusions Through the Predictive Coding Framework Sheffield
3/10/2023 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: Complicated Alcohol Withdrawal in PAS None MM&I March
3/24/2023 Estee Sharon, PsyD No Human is an Island: Using Love as a Leverage for Change Sharon
3/31/2023 Charles Reynolds III, MD Prevention of Depression in Low and Middle Income Countries: Results of an NIMH-sponsored Intervention Development Project Reynolds
4/7/2023 Deanna Greene, PhD Applying individual-level functional brain network approaches to Tourette syndrome Greene
4/14/2023 Adrienne Lahti, MD Gaining Insight into the Pathology of Early Psychosis using Brain Imaging Lahti
4/21/2023 Robin Williams, MD Orr Lecture: Long-term retention on buprenorphine and the OUD Cascade of Care Williams
4/28/2023 Allison McCarthy, PhD Ethical Complexities in Capacity Evaluations for Pregnant Patients McCarthy
5/5/2023 Paul Holtzheimer, MD Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders Holtzheimer
5/19/2023 Bruce Miller, MD Advances in Frontotemporal Dementia: from diagnosis to treatment Miller
5/26/2023 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I: Transgender Awareness on the Inpatient Unit None MM&I May
6/2/2023 M.E. Wood, Kimberly Brown, Amanda Bitting The Legal System and Mental Health – Lessons from an Unlikely Alliance Forensics
6/9/2023 Harold Jordan Lecture: Arie Nettles, PhD Understanding Bias: A Necessary Component for Building Equity and Inclusion Nettles
6/16/2023 Academic Psychiatry Day various None APS 2023 Abstract Book