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Publication Type Article Author(s) Journal/Publication Pub Date PMID or ISBN Link to article    Division /Division 2
Manuscript Measurement-based care in the adolescent partial hospital setting: Implementation, challenges, & future directions.  Lavender, J., Benningfield, M. M., Merritt, J. A., Gibson, R. L., & Bettis, A. H. Evidence Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2022 PMID: 36439894 Psychology CAP
Manuscript Self-injurious thoughts and behaviors and alterations in positive valence systems: A systematic review Bettis, A. H., Benningfield, M. M., Dao, A., Dickey, L., Pegg, S., Venanzi, L., & Kujawa, A. Journal of Psychiatric Research 2022 PMID: 36370537 Psychology CAP
Manuscript Destigmatizing Borderline Personality Disorder: A Call to Action for Psychological Science 44. Masland, S. R., Victor, S. E., Peters, J. R., Fitzpatrick, S., Dixon-Gordon, K. L., Bettis, A. H., Navarre, K. M., & Rizvi, S. Perspectives on Psychological Science 2022 PMID: 36054911 Psychology  
Manuscript Disclosures of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors to parents in the context of therapy: A qualitative investigation Bettis, A. H., Burke, T. A., Scott, S. R., Bedock, C. Ambriano, C. Parrish, J., Marsh, D., & Fox, K.  Journal of Clinical Psychology 2023 PMID: 38111150 Psychology  
Editorial Key Challenges and Potential Strategies for Engaging Youth with Lived Experience in Clinical Science 47. Bettis, A. H., Vaughn-Coaxum, R. A., Lawrence, R., Hamilton, J. L., Fox, K. R., Augsberger, A., & The REACH Youth Advisory Board Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 2023 PMID: 37889603 Psychology  
Manuscript Use of ECT for Children With and Without Catatonia: A Single-Site Retrospective Analysis Smith JR, Baldwin I, Termini K, McGonigle T, Vandekar S, Luccarelli J Journal of ECT 2024 38265759 CAP General
Manuscript Neural and behavioral indicators of cognitive control in preschoolers with and without prenatal opioid exposure Cardenas, E.F., Hill, K.E., Estes, E., Ravi, S., Molnar, A.E., Humphreys, K.L, & Kujawa, A. Child Neuropsychology 2024 Psychology  
Manuscript Characterizing Adolescent Disclosures of Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior to Parents Alexandra H Bettis, Elizabeth Cosby, Margaret M Benningfield, Kathryn Fox, Taylor A Burke Journal of Adolescent Health    37389524 Psychology  
Manuscript Cognitive, disability, and treatment outcome implications of symptom-based phenotyping in late-life depression Sudol K, Conway C, Szymkowicz SM, Elson D, Kang H, Taylor WD American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry   37385899 Geriatric  
Manuscript Manifestation of Catatonia in an Adolescent With 22q11.2 Syndrome Termini K, Anand E, Hickox T, Richter LD, Smith JR.  Journal of the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   37391128 CAP  
Manuscript Morbidity Due to Disparity in Pediatric Electroconvulsive Therapy Ong M, Patterson E, Stewart L, Pierce D, Smith JR Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 37519223 CAP  
Manuscript Use of First-Generation Antipsychotics in an Adolescent Male with Catatonic Schizophrenia  Patterson EM, Lim J, Fuchs P, Smith JR, Moussa-Tooks A, Ward HB Harvard Review of Psychiatry   37823777 CAP  
Manuscript CL Case Conference: Systemic challenges in management of aggression in a pediatric patient with seronegative autoimmune encephalitis  Hickox T, Brahmbhatt K, Smith JR, Fuchs C, Tanguturi Y Journal of the Academy of Consult Liaison Psychiatry   37625481 CAP  
Manuscript ECHO autism adult healthcare: Training community clinicians to provide quality care for autistic adults Malow BA, Mazurek M, Stobbe G, Agrawal MM, Loftin R, Caudel D, Hess A, Westphal A, Smith J, Shouse J, Cheak-Zamora N, Sohl K. Autism Research   37519223 CAP  
Manuscript Alternative psychopharmacologic treatments for pediatric catatonia: a retrospective analysis Smith JR, Baldwin I, York T, Anderson C, McGonigle T, Vandekar S, Wachtel L, Luccarelli J. Frontiers of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   37397642 CAP  
Manuscript nother Option for Aggression and Self-Injury, Alternative Benzodiazepines for Catatonia in Profound Autism. Smith JR, York T, Warn S, Borodge D, Pierce DL, Fuchs DC.  Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology   37023406 CAP  
Manuscript Use of ECT in Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Intellectual Disability: A Single Site Retrospective Analysis Smith JR, Hopkins CE, Xiong J, Luccarelli J, Shultz E, Vandekar S Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders   36528758 CAP  
Manuscript Treatment Response of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Intellectually Capable Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Smith JR, DiSalvo M, Green A, Ceranoglu TA, Anteraper SA, Croarkin P, Joshi G Neuropsychology Review   36161554 CAP  
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    Catatonia Stephan Heckers, M.D., and Sebastian Walther, M.D. New England Journal of Medicine 20231201 General
    Use of First-Generation Antipsychotics in an Adolescent Male with Catatonic Schizophrenia Patterson, Emmy Masur; Lim, Jacqueline; Fuchs, Paul; Smith, Joshua R.; Moussa-Tooks, Alexandra; Ward, Heather Burrell Harvard Review of Psychiatry 20231201 General
    Communicating a Plan for Involuntary Psychiatric Admission: A Standardized Patient Workshop Intervention for General Psychiatry Residents Kimberly Hsiung, MD, MS, Laura Skaug, MFA, Daniel Daunis, MD  MedEd Portal 20231201 General
    Practical recommendations to improve retention of underrepresented minorities in science and medicine: an early career perspective
    Moussa-Tooks, Alexandra; Ward, Heather Burrell
    Neuropsychopharmacology 20231201 General
    Diagnosis and Management of Perimenstrual Cycloid Motility Psychosis Weyhaupt M, Hardcastle S, Jesse N, Almeida M, Ward, Heather Burrell   20231201 General
    Thinking Clearly: The History of Brain Dysfunction in Critical Illness Kimberly F Rengel, Matthew F Mart, Jo Ellen Wilson, E Wesley Ely Critical Care Clinics 20231201 General
    Exploring Genetic Risk for Catatonia in a genome wide association study & polygenic risk score analysis Jo Ellen Wilson, Julia Sealock, Peter Straub, Rameela Raman, Aaron M. Kipp, Robert S. Dittus, Stephan Heckers, Wes Ely, Lea K. Davis Schizophrenia Research 20231201 General
    In-hospital catatonia, delirium, and coma and mortality: Results from the delirium and catatonia prospective cohort investigation Morgan T. Sexton, Ahra Kim, Trey McGonigle, Sarasota Mihalko, Simon N. Vandeka, Nathan E. Brummel, Mayur B. Patel, Robert S. Dittus, Stephan Heckers, Pratik P. Pandharipande , E. Wesley Ely, Jo Ellen Wilson Schizophrenia Research 20231201 General
    Mitigating neurological, cognitive, and psychiatric sequelae of COVID-19-related critical illness Pratik Pandharipande, Shawniqua Williams Roberson, Fiona E Harrison, Jo Ellen Wilson, Julie A Bastarache, E Wesley Ely The Lancet 20231201 General
    Biological Factors Influencing Depression in Later Life: role of aging processes and treatmnt implications  Sarah M Szymkowicz 1, Andrew R Gerlach 2, Damek Homiack 3, Warren D Taylor 4,5 Translational Psychiatry 20231201 Geriatric
    Cognitive Disability, and Treatment Outcome Implications of Symptom-based Phenotyping in Late-life Depression The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 20231201 Geriatric
    Advanced Research Institute (ARI): Supporting the Geriatric Mental Health Research Pipeline Jo Anne Sirey Ph.D. 1, Renee Pepin Ph.D. 2, Howard Aizenstein M.D., Ph.D. 3, Warren D. Taylor M.D. 4, Brent Forester M.D., M.Sc. 5, Olivia Okereke M.D. 6, Amy L. Byers Ph.D., M.P.H. 7, Martha L. Bruce Ph.D., M.P.H. 2 The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 20231201 Geriatric
    Use of Focused Focused Computerized Cognitive Training (Neuroflex) to improve synptoms in women with persisten chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment Jennifer N. Vega,corresponding author1 Paul A. Newhouse,1,2 Alexander C. Conley,1 Sarah M. Szymkowicz,1 Xuewen Gong,1 Sarah Cote,3 Ingrid Mayer,4 Warren D. Taylor,1,2 and Sarah Shizuko Morimoto3 Digital Health 20231201 Geriatric
    Life-Course Brain Health as a Determinant of Late-Life Mental Health: American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Expert Panel Recommendations Harris A Eyre 1, Lucy E Stirland 2, Dilip V Jeste 3, Charles F Reynolds 3rd 4, Michael Berk 5, Agustin Ibanez 6, Walter D Dawson 7, Brian Lawlor 8, Iracema Leroi 8, Kristine Yaffe 9, Jennifer R Gatchel 10, Jordan F Karp 11, Paul Newhouse 12, Jonathan Rosand 13, Nicole Letourneau 14, Eleonore Bayen 15, Francesca Farina 16, Laura Booi 17, Devangere P Devanand 18, Jacobo Mintzer 19, Sheri Madigan 20, Inez Jayapurwala 21, Stephen T C Wong 22, Veronica Podence Falcoa 23, Jeffrey L Cummings 24, William Reichman 25, Sarah Lenz Lock 26, Marc Bennett 27, Rajiv Ahuja 28, David C Steffens 29, Mitchell S V Elkind 30, Helen Lavretsky The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 20231201 Geriatric
    Altered bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and amygdala responses to threat in combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder Brandee Feola 1, Elizabeth A Flook 1 2, Hannah Gardner 1, K Luan Phan 3, Harry Gwirtsman 1 4, Bunmi Olatunji 5, Jennifer Urbano Blackford Journal of Traumatic Stress 20231201 Geriatric