Psychology Interns

  • Graduate School: University of Georgia

    Internship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center Health Psychology Track

    Clinical Interests: Integrative care for chronic pain and chronic health conditions, Women's mental health, Healthcare provider wellness, Trauma-informed treatment, Clinical hypnosis, Mindfulness and self-compassion interventions.  

  • Graduate School: University of Virginia

    Internship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center Autism and Lifespan Development Track

    Clinical Interests: Co-occurring conditions (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, depression) in autism spectrum disorder, sex/gender differences in autistic symptoms, and novel social skill interventions.  

  • Graduate School: University of Alabama

    Internship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center Forensic Psychology Track

    Clinical Interests: Forensic Assessment, competency to proceed, mental state at the time of the offense, serious mental illness.

  • Graduate School: Vanderbilt University

    Internship: Vanderbilt University Medical Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Track

    Clinical Interests: Trauma-informed assessments and interventions, mood and anxiety disorders, adverse childhood experiences (ACES), child welfare, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, dissemination of trauma-informed evidence-based treatments.