Grand Rounds AY21

Date Speaker Title Link to Webpage and Recording 
9/30/2020 Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD Searching for common pathways underlying diverse neurodegenerative pathologies in Alzheimer's disease
9/11/2020 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I None
9/18/2020 Kathryn Humphreys, PhD Current Directions in Field of Early Adversity
9/25/2020 CAP Psychiatry  Case Conference A Series of Unfortunate Events:  Providing Trauma Informed Care for Homeless Youth
10/9/2020 Sam Golden, PhD Learning to Aggress: behavioral and neural mechanisms of aggression reward
10/16/2020 Psychology Division Case Conference  PATH to affirmative medical care for transgender/gender diverse youth: A guide for mental health providers None
10/23/2020 Joji Suzuki, MD  Treatment of hospitalized patients with opioid use disorder
10/30/2020 John C. Gore, PhD Functional MRI of White Matter (?)
11/4/2020 Brad Freeman, MD Psychiatry MM&I None
11/13/2020 Blair Simpson, MD, PhD Leveraging Science to Advance Treatments for OCD
11/20/2020 Cody Siciliano, PhD Neural activity signatures of compulsive substance use
12/11/2020 Paul Grof, MD, PhD Lithium and Bipolar Illness: The risky business of short-selling gold-standard, evidence-based treatment
12/18/2020 F. Xavier Castellanos, MD Neuroimaging of ADHD: Crisis and Opportunity
1/8/2021 Addiction Psychiatry Case Conference ADHD, stimulants, and addiction treatment
1/15/2021 Zachary Warren, PhD Improving Systems of Care for Early Identification of ASD: The Potential Value and Costs of Telemedicine
1/22/2021 Bret Ruterford, MD Dopaminergic Decline, Psychomotor Slowing, and Late Life Depression: Toward Precision Interventions for Older Adults
1/29/2021 General Psychiatry  Case Conference What is Schizophrenia? None
2/5/2021 Harold Jordan Lecture: Ruth Shim, MD, MPH Social (In)Justice and Mental Health
2/12/2021 Thilo Womelsdorf, PhD Cognitive flexibility: Behavioral modeling, interneuron-specific correlates and network-level mechanisms
3/5/2021 Jennifer U. Blackford, PhD Anxiety and addiction: building a reverse translational model
3/12/2021 Michael Tramontana, PhD Traumatic brain injury-related attention deficits: Findings and insights from controlled treatment trials of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate
4/2/2021 Geriatric Division Case Conference Management of Behavioral Disturbances in Dementia
4/9/2021 Stephan Heckers, MD, MSc What is Psychosis?
4/16/2021 Francis Lee, MD Translating Neurotrophin Biology to Understand Risk for Psychiatric Disorders
4/23/2021 Joan Luby, MD Early Experience and Brain Development:  Informing a New Science of Neurodevelopmental Optimization
4/30/2021 Katherine McDonell, MD Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Early Huntington Disease
5/14/2021 Department Retreat    
5/28/2021 Michael Halassa Thalamocortical interactions in cognitive control and flexibility
6/4/2021 Research Award Winner: Seth Christman, MD Older than stated age: Machine learning, late-life depression, and accelerated aging
6/11/2021 Academic Psychiatry Day: Reed Omary, MD How to Spark Innovation in Health Care