Psychiatry Grand Rounds 12/11 | Paul Grof, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Paul Grof, MD, PhD

12:00 noon CDT | via Zoom Webinar

"Lithium and Bipolar Illness: The risky business of short-selling gold-standard, evidence-based treatment"



In all 30+ guidelines for bipolar disorder treatment, lithium is placed as number one, the treatment of choice. So why is it prescribed less and less everywhere? We offer an explanation based on three significant misunderstandings about lithium treatment. These three issues are confusing clinical practice. 


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  Dec 11 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Grof


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Grand Rounds Enrichment Discussion

For a deeper understanding of the topic ahead of Dr. Grof's talk, please join Dr. Reid Finlayson on Wednesday December 9 on Zoom as he delves a little deeper into the subject matter. The discussion for this week centers around the Vanderbilt Medicine article featuring Dr. Finlayson's story which can be found here:

 One Psychiatrist’s Journey

by Kelsey Herbers