Psychiatry Grand Rounds 3/12 | Michael Tramontana, PhD

Tramontana GR

12:00 noon CDT | via Zoom Webinar

"Traumatic brain injury-related attention deficits: Findings and insights from controlled treatment trials of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate"



At the conclusion of the seminar, audience members
•    will be able to distinguish between acquired attention deficits that occur in response to traumatic brain injury and the attention deficits that often are present in psychosis.  
•    will be able to discuss treatment responses of TBI-induced attention deficits to indirect catecholamine agonists

CME/CE credit for Psychiatry Grand Rounds is only available during the live feed time and for a brief time immediately following. The code for this week's session is displayed at the opening and closing of the meeting and also in the Chair's Office Zoom Account Name during the meeting.


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   Mar 12 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Tramontana

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Grand Rounds Enrichment Discussion

For a deeper understanding of the topic ahead of Dr. Tramontana's talk, please join Dr. Ariel Deutch on Wednesday March 10 on Zoom as he delves a little deeper into the subject matter. The article for discussion for this week can be found here:

 Secondary Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents 5 to 10 Years After Traumatic Brain Injury

by Megan E. Narad, PhD; Megan Kennelly, BS; Nanhua Zhang, PhD; Shari L. Wade, PhD; Keith Owen Yeates, PhD;H. Gerry Taylor, PhD; Jeffery N. Epstein, PhD; Brad G. Kurowski, MD, MS