Psychiatry Grand Rounds 9/4 | Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD

12:00 noon CDT | via Zoom

Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD

Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD
"Searching for common pathways underlying diverse neurodegenerative pathologies in Alzheimer's disease"

Summary: There are multiple types of pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Therapeutic approaches mainly target one type of pathology and have been disappointing. Diverse neuropathologies related to AD may share a common origin in dysfunction of the neuronal lysosome. We explore links between lysosome function and neuropathology and cognition in humans and animal models of AD. 

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Sept 4 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Schrag


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Grand Rounds Enrichment Discussion

For a deeper understanding of the topic ahead of Dr. Schrag's talk, please join us on Wednesday September 2 on Zoom as Dr. Ariel Deutch leads a discussion on the paper:

Neuronal lysosomes by Shawn M. Ferguson

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