Psych 5635 - ACE: Emergency Psychiatry

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Eric Rueth, MD
Course Director
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

  Shana Scanlin​
Educational Coordinator 
OFFERED:   Full-time
COURSE OBJECTIVES:  In the Psychiatric Assessment Service the student will see a broad range of acute psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders. Commonly encountered conditions include delirium, dementia, acute depression, acute mania, suicide attempts following medical clearance, agitation management, altered mental status, conversion disorder, various substance use disorders including detox evaluations, first break psychosis, chronic schizophrenia, adjustment disorder, and somatoform disorders. The service accepts walk-ins with a wide variety of presenting complaints. This is similar to the population on the Consultation-Liaison service, but with greater acuity and a focus on disposition and level of care determinations. The student will work closely with the primary residents providing coverage for both admissions and discharge to lower level care with supervision to the team by the attending. Patients will be above the age of 18.
PRE-REQUISITES: Psychiatry 5020

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