Psych 5620 - ACE: Neuropsychiatry



Harry Gwirtsman, MD
Course Director
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

  Shana Scanlin​
Educational Coordinator
OFFERED:   January - April
COURSE OBJECTIVES:   This advanced clerkship (elected after completing rotations in both neurology and psychiatry) is an introduction to clinical practice and research at the interface of psychiatry and neurology. Under supervision, the student will examine patients with psychiatric and neurologic diseases affecting emotions, such as temporolimbic epilepsy, frontal lobe lesions, strokes in the non-dominant hemisphere, or degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, vascular dementia, and Huntington's Disease. Readings will focus on the neurology of emotion, including functional neuroanatomy, experimental neuropsychology, and electrophysiology. The student may participate in research protocols involving quantitative behavioral assessment, autonomic measures, and structural and metabolic imaging of the brain. Each experience in this clerkship is unique and will be tailored to the specific interests of the student. Consequently, we can only accept one student per rotation.



Psychiatry 5020, Neurology 5020 REQUIRES ADVANCED
APPROVAL OF INSTRUCTOR. Meets Sub-internship Requirement.   


None / 1