Psych 5639 - AI: Inpatient Child And Adolescent Psychiatry

Bennigfield.jpg Margaret Benningfield, MD
Course Director
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  Shana Scanlin
Educational Coordinator
OFFERED: Full-Time
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will have the opportunity to work with child and adolescent psychiatrists and their patients in the outpatient, inpatient, and/or school-based consultation settings. Students typically are expected to follow several patients under the supervision of child and adolescent psychiatry attendings and residents. Students gain experience with early life manifestations of diverse psychiatric conditions and develop an appreciation of the complex contributions of and interactions between the biological, psychological, and social domains. Assigned readings supplement patient care experiences. Special projects are optional for students and may include research and writing activities. 
PRE-REQUISITES: Medicine 5020; Surgery 5020; Psychiatry 5020 
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