Psych 5638 - ACE: Adult Outpatient Psychiatry


William Petrie, MD
Course Director
Director of Geriatric Psychiatry Outpatient Program
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

  Shana Scanlin
Educational Coordinator
OFFERED: August - February, April - May
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will become primarily active contributors to evaluation and treatment clinics in adult outpatient psychiatry under the direct supervision of Dr. Thomas Lavie at the Village at Vanderbilt clinic location. Time is also arranged shadowing clinics with Dr. Salomon (mood and anxiety) and others, participating in the monthly ShadeTree psychiatric consultation clinic, and in a weekly community (Downtown) psychiatry clinic with Dr. Jeffrey Stovall. Sessions sitting in on psychotherapy with Dr. Linda Manning at VCIH are also available. Students will work individually and in treatment teams, observing and learning the basics of outpatient psychiatric evaluation, psycho-pharmacology and psychotherapy (particularly psycho-dynamic formulation and the principles of insight-oriented therapy and CBT). This will also include didactic teaching, case presentations, treatment planning, chart review and group supervision.
PRE-REQUISITES: Psychiatry 5020
None / 1