Psych 5625 - ACE: Child Psychiatry Consultation/Liaison

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Allyson Witters Cundiff, MD
Course Director
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Shana Scanlin
Educational Coordinator

OFFERED: September - June
COURSE OBJECTIVES: This advanced clerkship is an introduction to clinical practice as a consultation liaison psychiatrist working with children and adolescents. Under supervision, the student will examine patients with psychiatric diseases complicating pediatric management including delirium, catatonia, anxiety and mood disorders both complicating pediatric illness and mimicking pediatric illnesses (somatoform disorders), management of chronic pain in collaboration with the pediatric pain team, acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder on the trauma service and in the intensive care unit, and psychiatric consultation regarding eating disorders. Readings will focus on the neurobiology of trauma and the neurobiology of the interface between emotions and physical disorders. The student may participate in research studies if available at that time.
PRE-REQUISITES: Pre-requisites: Psychiatry 5020, Neurology 5020, Pediatrics 5020.