Advanced Clinical Electives and Acting Internships

The Department of Psychiatry offers several Advanced Clinical Electives (ACEs) and Acting Internships (AIs) for Vanderbilt or visiting medical students in their fourth year of education. Each of these educational opportunities provides a level of responsibility that facilitates learning about the practice of psychiatry. These experiences are highly rewarding for those considering a career in Psychiatry. Others, who may choose other specialties as careers, will find the enrichment of Psychiatry rotations invaluable in learning to provide care for individuals with common mental illnesses.

Vanderbilt students may register for elective courses directly with the registrar.

Visiting students should apply for through the Office of Enrollment Services.

Select course title for full description.

Psych 5620 - ACE: Neuropsychiatry
Psych 5625 - ACE: Child Psychiatry Consultation/Liaison
Psych 5635 - ACE: Emergency Psychiatry
Psych 5638 - ACE: Adult Outpatient Psychiatry
Psych - AI: Addiction Psychiatry
Psych 5639 - AI: Inpatient Child And Adolescent Psychiatry
Psych 5640 - ACE: Psychotic Disorders
Psych 5645 - ACE: Adult Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry