Barbara Gay Lecture in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 10/28 | Guido KW Frank, MD

Barbara Gay Lecture AY23

"Toward a Transdiagnostic Neurobiology of Eating Disorders"


The activity is designed to help the learner:

  1. Describe how brain imaging can be used to study the motivational salience brain circuitry in eating disorders

  2. Discuss connections between food intake and adaptation of dopamine-related brain circuits

  3. Discuss how anxiety may be a trait that moderates brain response across eating disorders

About the Speaker:

Guido KW Frank, MD   
Professor, Department of Psychiatry 
University of California San Diego 


This presentation will describe and discuss recent brain imaging studies from our lab to develop models of brain pathophysiology across eating disorders. The motivational salience circuitry adapts to the extremes of eating behaviors and reinforces pathologic behavior. Body mass index, anxiety and taste sensitivity play important roles in moderating brain reward circuits.  


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Grand Rounds Enrichment Discussion 

Wednesday October 26, 2023
12pm Orr Conference Room VPH 1205

The article up for discussion is:

Association of Brain Reward Response With Body Mass Index and Ventral Striatal-Hypothalamic Circuitry Among Young Women With Eating Disorders
Guido K.W. Frank, MD; Megan E. Shott, BS; Joel Stoddard, MD; Skylar Swindle, BS; Tamara L. Pryor, PhD


This talk is sponsored by the
Barbara Gay Lecture Fund
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 
This educational activity received no commercial support.