The influenza (flu) vaccine is a benefit for everyone. Yearly flu vaccination helps to reduce sick time, medical costs and the spread of flu. The best defense against the flu is getting vaccinated and we encourage everyone to do so to protect you, and reduce the risk of spreading flu to others, such as patients, coworkers and family members.

Free vaccination is available each year from early fall through the end of March in the Occupational Health Clinic, our satellite clinic at One Hundred Oaks, and a vast array of mobile flu onsites both on and off campus. Our annual kickoff, Flulapalooza, is held at the beginning of the season and the entire Vanderbilt community is invited to attend.

Please note that due to low effectiveness, we will not offer Flu Mist this year.

To expand access even further, we offer a Peer Vaccination Program, where licensed professionals can administer flu vaccine to their coworkers.


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Flu Tool

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