Peer Vaccination Program - Training

Peer Vaccination Protocol:

  • Ask 3 questions prior to administering the flu vaccine:
    • Do you have a severe egg allergy?
    • Have you had an allergic reaction to a prior flu shot?
    • Have you had Guillian-Barré syndrome?

If the answer to any question is "yes", do not vaccinate the employee. Please refer them to the Occupational Health Clinic.

If the answer to all 3 questions is "no", give the employee a Vaccine Information Statement

  • Employee under age 65? Administer 0.5ml Fluarix vaccine IM in the deltoid muscle (do not use alternate sites).
  • Employee age 65 or older? Offer high-dose flu vaccine if available. Administer 0.5ml Fluad vaccine IM in the deltoid muscle (do not use alternate sites). If high-dose flu vaccine is not available and employee wants it, direct them to the Occupational Health Clinic. Note that they have the option to decline the high-dose vaccine if they prefer to receive the standard dose instead
  • Activate your safety device!!!
  • Document the vaccination (using the link sent to you by your manager).
  • DO NOT access eStar to document vaccine given to your co-workers!!

OHC will upload the vaccine records into the occupational tracking system and eStar. Allow one week for vaccine records to all be uploaded.

After the upload, employees can view/print their vaccination record by logging in to the Health & Wellness Information Portal.

FAQ for Peer Vaccinators:

  • Can pregnant women safely take flu vaccine? Yes
  • Is the vaccine latex-free and thimerosal-free? All commercially supplied influenza vaccine at VUMC is now latex-free and thimerosal-free.
  • Is it a live vaccine? No, injectable flu vaccine is not a live vaccine.
  • Can I take flu vaccine if I am sick? Yes if you have a mild illness without fever. If you have a fever, it is best to delay vaccine until the fever is gone.

The Vaccine Information Sheet for flu season from the CDC.