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COVID-19: The Impact Continues - 9 Tips for Well-Being

Three years ago, on March 5,2020, the Tennessee Department of Health received its first positive test results for a case of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus in Tennessee. It was a time of fear and anxiety for many, especially our front-line healthcare professionals. Though we have made many strides in combating the disease, we still feel the effects. Work/Life Connections-EAP offers tips on how to enhance your well-being in our current stage of COVID-19.

Establishing Boundaries for Better Relationships

What do successful relationships look like? One quality of long-lasting relationships is the presence of good boundaries. Even people who know about the importance of setting boundaries get caught up in the excitement of new relationships and forget to set limits. Work/Life Connections-EAP offers some helpful tips on creating healthy boundaries.

February/March 2023 Connection Newsletter

​In this issue: The Importance of Sleep with Margie Gale, RN, MSN, CEAP, Nurse Wellness Specialist at Work/Life Connections Care Gap Alerts: Type 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes with Barbara Gisella Carranza Leon, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Ellen Clark, LCSW, CEAP, Clinical Counselor at Work/Life Connections Tuberculosis Screening: What’s the Big Deal Anyway? with Jesi Girton, MSN, APRN, FNPC, CEN, at Occupational Health Clinic Ask a Lifestyle Coach with Emily Cox, CHES, CHWC, Sr. Health Educator at Health Plus

Work/Life Connections-EAP: We're Here for You

​When the stresses of every day life take their toll, you may find yourself searching for mental health support. In today's world, receiving in-person support from a licensed counselor can be the best solution. Thanks to Vanderbilt's Work/Life Connections-EAP (WLC) program, faculty and staff across the region have the unique benefit of both in-person and virtual counseling services.