Immunizations and Religion

Most religions have no prohibition against vaccinations, however some have considerations, concerns or restrictions regarding vaccination in general, particular reasons for vaccination, or specific vaccine ingredients. Below is a list of the current position of some of the more common religious faiths. Buddhism - Buddhism has no central authority that determines doctrine. Vaccination is widely accepted in predominantly Buddhist countries.

Finding A Mental Health Provider

Finding the right provider is important when beginning the therapeutic process. Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327, is available for a confidential meeting with a faculty/staff member of Vanderbilt to assess the presenting problem, identify related issues and consider important demographic considerations (location, insurance, etc.) to assist in matching you with a potential provider. A counselor will suggest three or more potential providers who may meet your needs. The counselor may also talk with you about the process of selecting a provider with whom your are comfortable.

Preventive Care

Day-to-day health decisions have a great influence on our long-term health. This means practicing positive health behaviors and making informed health decisions. Getting preventive care exams is an important step in staying healthy. A routine physical exam from a doctor or a health care provider helps you know the state of your health. You can help lower your risk of illness or injury by getting regular exams and tests to find problems at an early treatable stage and by receiving immunizations that prevent disease. Basic parts of a routine checkup include: