Complying with Vanderbilt's policy is easy. There are 3 ways to become compliant:

  1. Get vaccinated by OHC
  2. Get vaccinated ANYWHERE and report it online to OHC.
    • If your vaccination was obtained outside Vanderbilt, you will need to provide documentation.
    • Even if it's in your Vanderbilt medical record, you still need to report it so that OHC may access it.
    • Your eStar health record is private and can't be shared with your employer without your consent.
  3. Request an exemption by October 1.
    • Exemptions allowed for sincerely held religious/personal beliefs and for serious medical contraindications.

For Managers

You may monitor compliance by logging into Business Objects and running OHC's compliance reports. Here is more information about checking the compliance of your employees.