We at Occupational Health want to express our sincere thanks to the many departments who came together to ensure the 11th annual Flulapalooza® event was a success!  It was wonderful to see the entire Vanderbilt community come together for such an important preventive health purpose. While final numbers are still being reconciled, preliminarily, we are able to report that in all, 10,603 vaccinations were given to VUMC and VU faculty, staff, and students without significant incident.

Flulapalooza® was, as always, a wonderful, fun day.  Some of the top sights of the day: 

Please join OHC in thanking the multiple people in multiple departments (led by those individuals noted below) who volunteer each year and whose hard work makes this happen:

  • Incident Command - Catherine Qian
  • Logistics - Cindy Harrison
  • Student Health – Dara Dixon & Suzy Hansen
  • Supply Chain -- Karen Morlan & John McMahon
  • Staffing – Novanda Lilly, April Clark, Rebecca Lahr, & Heather Campbell
  • Pharmacy –Jared Gabbert, Grayson Peek, & Chelsea Roberts
  • News and Public Affairs – Kylie Avery
  • VUPD – Erika Taylor
  • Facilities Management – Nic Holzmer
  • Environmental Services-Robert Frazier
  • LifeFlight/LifeFlight Event Medicine– Alex Mindel
  • Traffic & Parking – Jason Bucher
  • Promotions – Amy Thomas & Lydia Garder
  • Electric Shop - Mike Miller
  • Safety Officer - Rhonda Foster
  • Technology
    • OHC – Glen Harness, Pam Bracy, Paula McGown, & Emma Winters
    • VUMC IT – Chris Williams, Clifford Brown, Steven Hansen, & Dianna Cullison
    • InfoWorks – Drew Stockman

There are obviously so many other individuals, both within and outside of OHC, whose contributions aren’t noted here, but without whom the event could not be carried out as smoothly as it is.  We at Occupational Health are so appreciative of everyone who plays a role in making the event an success. And we are also extremely appreciative of the support that each of you provides year in and year out that allows us to continue to provide this service to our faculty, staff, and students!

Thank you all again so very much. Onward to Flulapalooza® XII in 2024!

Ana E. Nobis, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Medical Director, Vanderbilt Occupational Health