Peer Vaccination Program - Managers' Registration

  1. Complete the Manager's Registration Form.
    • Enter your Department Name (as listed in PeopleSoft) and Cost Center.
    • Complete a registration form for each department you wish to register.
  2. Select staff to be peer vaccinators. Please designate licensed professionals from your units to be Peer Vaccinators for your department.
  3. Email the sign-up instructions that you received in your confirmation email to your designated vaccinators.
    • Returning peer vaccinators must re-register each flu season

For inpatient departments:

  • VUH, VCH, and VPH inpatient units/departments will purchase Flu Vaccine for the PVP via the following link in REDCap: PVP Order Form.
  • Orders can be completed by managers or an individual designated by the manager
  • Flu Vaccine orders must be received by noon on Friday and will be delivered weekly on Tuesdays.

For outpatient departments:

  • Outpatient departments/clinics will order flu vaccine directly from the pharmacy.
  • OHO Clinics will order directly from the OHO Pharmacy
  • All other outpatient departments/clinics will order directly from their regular pharmacy.

Through this program Peer Vaccinators document flu vaccines given to Vanderbilt employees using a web-based tool. Only registered vaccinators may use the tool after completion of the Vaccinator Registration Form.

For regional hospitals:

  • Order directly from your regular pharmacy.


Documented vaccines on verified Vanderbilt employees will be reimbursed, at cost, not to exceed the Occupational Health Clinic's cost, to the designated cost center. Note: We cannot reimburse for vaccine provided to non-employees (visitors, students, patients, family members, volunteers or agency personnel).