Travel Medicine

The SHC physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses have extensive experience in providing pre-travel consultations for our international travelers. Students should be aware that most insurance companies do NOT cover the cost of immunizations or medications needed for travel. However, students on the AHP student health insurance will find that most of their immunizations and travel medications are either fully covered or are available for a small co-pay.  Students with private insurance will be given a discounted rate for travel vaccines.

SHC carries all routine vaccinations as well as most travel-related vaccines, including Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies vaccines.


There is currently a Yellow Fever vaccine shortage in the U.S. and we no longer have this vaccine available at Student Health.  Over the next 18-24 months, the nationwide availability of this vaccine will be limited since the only supplier has ceased production.  The travel consultant team at Student Health can review your destination information and help you assess your risks.  We will also assist you in scheduling this vaccine at the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic after your consultation at Student Health.  Planning well in advance is important, given the limited number of Yellow Fever sites in the United States at this time.

Travel consultation appointments should be made 4-6 weeks in advance of the departure date, in order to allow any needed vaccines time to take effect. Some vaccines may require a series of shots, so it is important to allow enough time for series completion.

Preparing for a travel consultation in advance will allow your visit to be more efficient and productive. The CDC’s travel website at is a helpful resource that will give you an idea of what to expect at your appointment. Please view more information regarding travel-related vaccinations and malaria medications.   

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Are you ready to schedule your travel consultation?

  1. Complete a Pre-Travel Questionnaire
    You may either complete the online form  -OR- the Pre-Travel Questionnaire .pdf and drop off at our front desk.  Note that it is very important to know the location and activity details about your destination when you complete the pre-travel questionnaire. 
  2. Is your trip for Study Abroad?  If yes, you will most likely have GEO Forms (A & B) or Study Abroad program forms (CIEE, IES, SIT, etc...) that need to be completed/signed by the provider at your visit.  These forms must be submitted  to (if you complete the online form) or included with the .pdf when dropped off at the front desk.

Student Health will contact you by phone or MHAV to schedule an appointment.