Sexual and Reproductive Health

We know many of our patients are concerned about the overturn of Roe and Casey in the Supreme Court.  Student Health would like to reassure our patients that we will continue to provide contraception (IUDs, Nexplanon and pills) and Emergency Contraception.  Emergency Contraception with the "morning after pill" or an emergency IUD placement is NOT banned in the TN statute.  Please also be reassured that our Student Health providers will continue to work with students to access any care that is needed outside of Student Health in the event of a planned or unplanned pregnancy.

To make an appointment, call (615) 322-2427 or visit to schedule a visit that best meets your needs.

We offer comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care appointments including:

HIV and STD Testing and Treatment
Confidential STD and HIV testing are available to all students.

Most STD and HIV testing is free of charge as part of your Health Fee including the following:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Herpes Swab
  • HIV
  • Syphilis

Options for STI testing:

  1. Urgent provider visit-- Please use the "other urgent needs" button when scheduling online to schedule a same day or next day appointment.  This option should be used for STI symptoms, known exposure to an STI (were notified of exposure), or for sexual assault.
  2. Routine provider appointment-- Please make a routine appointment with one of our health care providers to discuss your STI screening needs if you have other needs/questions such as birth control or PreEP.
  3. Express STI (lab only) appointment-- This option is for STI lab work only.  You will not see a provider during this visit and is intended only for those who have no symptoms.

HIV Pre-Exposure and Post-Exposure Treatment and Evaluation
Our physicians and nurse practitioners are experienced in the evaluation and treatment of patients exposed to HIV, so confidential visits to discuss pre and post-exposure HIV medications are welcomed.  We do not carry these medications at Student Health but can write a prescription that can be filled in a local pharmacy.  Prescriptions for prophylactic medications may or may not be covered by your insurance so each student will need to check with his/her individual insurance carrier to determine this benefit.  The AHP student health insurance does cover these medications with a co-pay in the pharmacy.  Please make an appointment with one of our health care providers to discuss your specific needs.

Student exposed to HIV (or have had a high risk but unknown exposure such as sexual assault) should start medication as soon as possible after exposure.  Students should contact Student Health for a same-day appointment or if after-hours (and without access to Student Health within 12 hours), students should contact the after-hours emergency line at 615-322-2427.


Other sexual/reproductive health services:

  • Physical exams 
  • Family Planning counseling
  • Birth control management
    • Birth control assessment and prescriptions
    • Free condoms provided at Student Health 
    • Depo-Provera shots
    • IUD insertion - If you are interested in this option, make an appointment with your provider now to discuss your options, process and cost.
    • IUD removal
    • Nexplanon placement and removal - If you are interested in this option, make an appointment with your provider now to discuss your options, process and cost.
  • Emergency contraception
    • Plan B (morning after pill)
    • Emergency contraception can be dispensed to an intimate partner
  • Counseling for pregnant students
  • Evaluation of abnormal PAP smears with colposcopy and cervical biopsies