Eating Disorders Assessment

The Vanderbilt Student Health Center is able to offer medical assessment, consultation, and referrals (as deemed appropriate based on clinical status) for students with eating disorders.  Students who are medically stable can be seen regularly at the Student Health Center during their years at Vanderbilt, in conjunction with a Student Health Center dietitian with special expertise in eating disorder care.   Please see the University Counseling Center website at for additional details regarding coordination of other needs such as individual therapy, psychiatric medications and group therapy. 

Students who are not medically stable will be referred to the appropriate resources at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center or in the Nashville community.  The Student Health Center is not able to provide an intensive outpatient program for eating disorder care.

We encourage any student struggling with an eating disorder,  disordered eating or body image issues to schedule an appointment with a provider at Student Health for further evaluation and assessment.