Ancillary Services

On-Site Laboratory Services
Student Health is equipped to perform multiple in-house lab tests. These include: COVID, strep, influenza, glucose, mono spot, urinalysis, and pregnancy. In most cases, these results will be available at the time of your visit.

If during your visit to Student Health it is determined that you need to have off-site laboratory testing performed, the needed specimen will be collected at the Student Health Center by our lab technician and sent for testing at the Vanderbilt Medical Center Lab. Additional information regarding payment for these tests can be found here


On-Site Dispensary
The Student Health Center dispensary is stocked with many commonly prescribed medications. If we offer the medication prescribed at a comparable or lower price than your insurance co-pay then it makes sense to buy the medication at the Student Health Center, rather than making a trip to the pharmacy. However if your co-pay is quite low and we cannot compete with that price then it may make sense to purchase your prescription medication with your insurance at a local pharmacy. Medication availability and costs may be discussed with your Student Health Center provider.  Note that medications from our dispensary must be paid for at time of checkout.

The Student Health Center does not fill prescriptions written by an outside medical provider.


Radiology/Physical therapy
Radiology and physical therapy services are provided by Vanderbilt Medical Center and are a short (walking) distance from the Student Health Center.  Please make an appointment with any one of our providers to evaluate need for these services.