Lab Work Payment

When lab tests are ordered, then a decision also needs to be made how to handle the financial charges. Many tests done in the Student Health Center lab such as urinalysis, rapid strep, mono and pregnancy tests are free of charge.

For many of the other tests that are ordered and sent to the Medical Center, there is a fee or co-pay.

1. The patient can pay Student Health Center at the time of check out and we reimburse the medical center. This route is often the most cost effective for the student.  Students should also consider the following factors as well: 

  • Privacy: If the tests are billed through insurance, then parents may receive a report of the tests ordered from their insurance company or the medical center.
  • High deductible: Healthy patients who rarely use their health insurance may not meet their deductible if it is high. 
  • Non-Covered Tests: Some insurance companies will not pay for certain screening tests without a “diagnosis” attached to them.

2. Bill Private Insurance Company.  In this case, you would not pay for the labs at the time of check-out at the Student Health Center.  You would later receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from the insurance company and be billed by the Medical Center for any remaining charges after your insurance company paid their share.

The complexities involved in making the decision of “Client Bill” (pay up front) versus “Insurance Bill” are sometimes difficult for patients to sort out on their own. Your healthcare provider can help you make the right financial decision at the time that lab work is ordered if you are aware of your specific insurance information and coverage.