Weight Loss Management

Medical Weight Loss Services

The Student Health Center is equipped to help overweight students on their weight loss journey.  Services vary by clinical scenario but may include medications, exercise prescriptions, dietician services and close follow-up and accountability.

Each patient's health history and clinical situation is evaluated carefully, and weight loss advice is tailored to each patient's needs.  In general, medications are not recommended until the BMI is > 30, but some patients may be eligible for medications at a lower BMI.  Calculate your BMI (body mass index) here.  

To schedule a medical evaluation for our weight loss services, please call 615-322-2427 or schedule on-line with Gwyn Welch, NP in a "Physical" slot and write "Weight Loss Management" in the appointment notes provided.  This initial visit may not include a full physical but using that option will allow the on-line scheduling system to leave you enough time for initial consultation.  The initial visit will be 40 minutes and the follow-up visits will be 20 minutes.  

There are no charges for the provider consultations and visits.  Most of the labwork (when necessary) will be free of charge, but some tests may incur a small fee.