LGBTQI Health Care

The Student Health Center (SHC) is committed to providing quality health care to all Vanderbilt students, including those within the LGBTQI community. We at SHC consider our environment to be a “safe” place to come for health care, counsel, and advice. The Student Health Center at Vanderbilt is a leader in the area of LGBTQI health, and provides comprehensive and quality healthcare to the LGBTQI community.  Services provided at the Student Health Center include:

1.  Primary care services
2.  Comprehensive services including pelvic exams
3.  STI testing and treatment
4.  Gender affirming hormone therapy
5.  Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV
6.  Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV

During a visit to SHC, you can expect to receive comprehensive care that is sensitive to your sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. The providers at SHC are all knowledgeable about health care concerns you might have.

You play an integral part in the health care you receive. Communicating openly and honestly with your medical provider is an important way to receive comprehensive and sensitive medical care. This includes talking about issues like sexual orientation, sexuality, and gender. It’s also important you feel that you can ask questions of your provider. We strongly recommend that all students with ongoing health concerns establish themselves with one provider with whom they feel comfortable, rather than seeing different providers at every visit (such as through the Acute Care Clinic). This allows you to have a relationship with a person who understands your needs and helps you navigate through the healthcare system.


The SHC also partners with many other offices on the Vanderbilt campus, so that the excellent care we provide is complemented by a university-wide effort to support and assist LGBTQI students. 

For more information about the LGBTQI Office and their services, please see their web site at

For more information about Vanderbilt Health and Wellness Program for Gender Diversity, please visit their site:

To learn more about the Vanderbilt Medical Center Program for LGBTI Health, please visit their web site at .

If you are enrolled in the student health insurance plan and have questions, please contact

Patient comments are very important to us. If you have any feedback about our services, please take our survey.  Comments can also be done by sending an email message to   We address all complaints, and the more specific you are, the more likely it is that we will be able to address your concern.