Pre-exposure Preventive Medication

Students with high risk conditions may be eligible for Evusheld to help prevent COVID infection in the event of an exposure.  Evusheld is not used for treatment of current COVID infections.

This injected medication is given in addition to COVID vaccinations and provides added protection.  Students who have a qualifying condition should contact their healthcare provider at My Health at Vanderbilt or call 615-322-2427 to schedule an appointment at Student Health for evaluation and referral.  Evusheld is given in a special Medical Center clinic and requires orders from a Student Health provider.

Eligibility criteria for Evusheld:

  1.  Active treatment for cancer
  2.  Solid-organ transplant patient and taking immunosuppressive medications
  3.  Stem cell transplant within 2 years of transplantation OR still taking immunosuppressive medications
  4.  Inherited immunosuppressive conditions such as DiGeorge Syndrome or Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
  5.  Advanced or untreated HIV infection with one of the following:
    a.  CD4 count <200
    b.  AIDS defining illness without subsequent improvement
    c.  Current uncontrolled viral loads with ongoing symptoms
  6. Moderate or severe immunosuppression because of medications:
    a.  Prednisone > 2 weeks
    b.  Chemotherapy medications
    c.  Biologic medications for conditions that fall in the TNF blocker or B-cell depleting category.  Examples include Humira and Remicade