Online Scheduling Information

Sick Visits

Examples include cold symptoms, new cough, vomiting/diarrhea, fever, or skin lesions concerning for monkeypox.

Sick patients are seen by providers in our walk-in clinic.  Same-day or next-day appointments are always available.  You may save your place in line for our walk-in clinic by clicking below or by calling 615-322-2427.  You should come to Student Health 10 min before your assigned time in line.  There may be a wait during high volume times, but you will keep your place in line by signing up ahead of time.

Please also review our Self Care Guidance:

Save your Place in Line


Please click here if Student Health is closed and you need assistance after-hours.

Routine and Non-sick/urgent Visits

The Student Health Center offers on-line scheduling for many types of appointments including:

  • Acute visits-- examples include new injuries, new abdominal pain and symptomatic STIs
  • Routine medical appointments
  • Physicals
  • STI testing in asymptomatic patients can be scheduled in two ways:
    • Routine provider appointment-- Please make a routine appointment with one of our health care providers to discuss your STI screening needs if you also have other needs/questions such as birth control or PreEP.  Click the green button below.
    • Express STI (lab only) appointment-- This option is for STI lab work only. You will not see a provider during this visit and is intended only for those who have no symptoms and do not have other needs related to sexual health.  Click the green button below.
  • Birth Control consultations
  • Well woman exams/Pap smears- please click "Physical" so the system gives you enough time for the visit

Please click below or call 615-322-2427 to schedule an appointment.  If you do not see an appointment slot on-line, and have an urgent concern, please call to speak to our Patient Service Specialist (PSS) so that we can assist you-- some of our appointment slots are not visible to patients on-line.  If your concern is urgent and you cannot find a same-day or next day appointment, then our office does have the ability to work patients in-- our PSS team will work with you to help meet your needs.  

                                                                                        Schedule an appointment green box.png


Please click here if Student Health is closed and you need assistance after-hours.

Specialty Visits- These visit can not be scheduled online:

Appointments listed below can only be scheduled by calling Student Health at 615-322-2427:

  • Colposcopy procedures
  • Dietitian appointments
  • Immunization appointments (ex. HPV vaccine or allergy shots)
    (Note the exception is for flu shots and Covid boosters-- no appointment needed)
  • IUD & Nexplanon placements
  • Sexual Assault Exams
  • Sports Medicine Appointments (Drs. Karpinos and Sin)
  • TB screening (often needed for shadowing forms)
  • Travel Consultations, including those for Study Abroad (refer to our Travel Medicine page)